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We are Freedom Road, our names are Victoria Sanders and Travis Hamilton, we met each other in 2013. At that time the only gear we had was a Canon Rebel and a Sony Camcorder and we took photos and videos of absolutely everything. Since we both shared the same passion and drive for photography and videography, we decided to chase the dream together. We have come a long way since then...with updated professional gear, staying committed to Canon and GoPro, now producing professional videos with multiple angles and shooting high quality photos. Every year we get closer to achieving our dream and we continue to learn something new every step of the way. When there isn't an event to capture, we are always trying to come up with something creative to do with our cameras and these can turn out to be the greatest adventures. 


We look forward to the future and couldn't be more happy to be by each others side for the journey.


Photography & Videography duo based in British Columbia. Catering mostly to the music industry, while maintaining a strong involvement in wedding, artistic performance, portrait & nature photography.

Specializing in capturing natural candid moments.



“Awesome, enthusiastic and very talented!!! You will never be disappointed!! They are very ambitious!”

-Colleen S.

“Really great, easy to work with folks. There wonderful work speaks for itself.”

-Nathan K.

“Wow! Amazing work! 

I guarantee you won't find a better team of photographers that are as passionate as these two. Keep up the great work!

-Jason M.

"Ive had nothing but an awesome experience with Freedom road productions! They are the perfect company for you to hire for all your photography/videography needs! They can do everything from live bands to wedding photography. Their passion sets them apart from everyone else! I highly recommend hiring them!"

-Caleb S.

“These two capture the best moments, and it took years for me to even see that they were at all the same events I went to.  They're like ninjas, or spies, or ninja spies!  Beautiful, amazing pictures!  You two are the best!”

-Terri S.

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